Some highlights of Na’vi
Language Log guest blogger Paul Frommer, USC linguist and creator of the Na’vi language:

Given the interest that’s already been shown in Na’vi, I’m grateful to Ben Zimmer for the opportunity to post a few highlights of the language to Language Log. As will be apparent, the information below is not intended to be anything like a complete description; the Phonetics and Phonology section is the most complete, but the Morphology and Syntax sections are mere sketches. Given my contractual obligations, a more thorough treatment awaits another venue. But I hope this sketch will answer a few questions and perhaps serve to counterbalance some of the erroneous information that has made its way to the Internet. Needless to say, comments are welcome.

via Language Log » Some highlights of Na’vi.

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Неплохой пост, очень интересно было почитать

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Очень интересно !

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