BLDGBLOG: The Emperor’s Castle

For his student thesis project at the Bartlett School of Architecture, Thomas Hillier produced an immersive narrative world, complete with origami-filled hand-cut book pages and an elaborate model of the story’s architectural landscape. Hillier’s project was called The Emperor’s Castle and it was inspired by the work of Japanese printmaker Hiroshige.

The Emperor’s Castle originates from a mythical and ancient tale hidden within a woodblock landscape scene created by Japanese Ukiyo-e printmaker, Ando Hiroshige. This tale charts the story of two star-crossed lovers, the weaving Princess and the Cowherd, who have been separated by the Princess’s father, the Emperor. These characters have been replaced by architectonic metaphors creating an urban theatre within the grounds of the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo.

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Published on Oct 22, 2009 at 7:52 pm.
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Mural Artwork on Acid: Surreal Optical Illusion Architecture (via @claynewton)

From a well-framed photographic perspective it is clear that this incredible wall-to-wall, ground-to-roof, full-building mural is compelling (and dizzying) in its realism – but even more amazing, it is likewise shockingly surreal from almost any other angle or position.

Playing both with perspective and with existing actually-3D decorative and structural elements, it is hard to see where the flat-painted optical illusion ends and the real architecture begins in this work of whole-building art in the middle of Paris, France – except at a few critical intersections that can be seen up close.

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Published on Oct 15, 2009 at 9:03 am.
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